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About us

Velyum helps companies turn ideas into realities. From software architecture and web development to analytics and internal growth strategies, Velyum does it all to launch, build and maintain your platform with enterprise grade software and dedicated team. We focus on delivering unique, elegant and powerful systems that rapidly launch your business.

Our projects
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We Create Unique User Experience

We Design Solutions

Unique User Interface Design

Web Design and Development

Software Development

Automation Software

Our core services

With experts completely devoted to growth of your business through below services, we help you bridge the gap between your goals and results.

Automation software

Automation software

As the market develops, it is important to trust in technology as a way to secure your one step ahead of competitors. Our team is here for your company, making sure that your time and money are well invested but also aligned. We are creating a software able to automatize your work, that easily provides data reviews and statistic insights.

Business solutions

Business solutions

We keep it on a Lean side! Our team starts with analysis of your current business, and comes out with full overview and proposal of software solutions crucial for your company’s growth on market.

Product Development

Product development

Our team makes it happen; Highly trained in the field, developers in Laravel, PHP, Javascript, Vue and more. The code is never a one size fits it all, and sophisticated software requires smart combination. Our code consultation ensures your project architecture is a custom-fit for your and client’s requirements.

Graphic Design

Graphic design

Our approach to graphic design brings together client and designer for purpose of creating certain message for targeted group. Modern world is made of graphic design – merging visual and verbal elements into one. Text writers, photographers and graphic designers of our team, together with client, make it all happen.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing

Digital marketing With endless possibilities online, digital marketing represents all marketing efforts that use electronic device. It is visible through channels as search engines, websites, social media, emails and others, for sole purpose of connecting with targeted customers.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

Once your desired product is developed We continue upgrading the features and support all your further inquiries. Our team will help you with any possible problems and guide you through the difficulties you might come to.


Here are some of the companies we helped bridge the gap between their goals and results.
Theirs strong and reliable website is exactly what puts them in front of their competitors.

Velyum project | Dental-studio Merdanić

Dental-Studio Merdanić

Dental-Studio Merdanić is a dental office located in Bihać that offers highest quality of all dental procedures.

Technologies we used
Laravel jQuery HTML5 CSS3 Sass CMS CRM
Velyum project | Rolomax d.o.o.

Rolomax d.o.o.

Website for a company specialized in the production of sectional garage doors and shutters.

Technologies we used
Laravel jQuery HTML5 CSS3 Pug Sass CMS
Velyum project | Velyum


Our company official website, whose main goal is to show you modern approaches to web development.

Technologies we used
Laravel jQuery HTML5 CSS3 Sass Pug CMS
Velyum project | ES-Star Bihać


ES-Star is a print company with a long tradition that offers fast and efficient solutions for all types of printing and marketing.

Technologies we used
Laravel HTML5 CSS3 Less CMS
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